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STM Solar is a rooftop solar power plant company that specializes in Energy Cost Reduction. Our aim is to provide customized solutions to all our customers who want to obtain free energy of the sun naturally for years and years to come.

We are dealing with world’s best efficiency solar panels with Q-cells (TRINA SOLAR) for our customers giving them high efficiency and longevity. These panels will produce more power due to their resistance to heat and their rating at 45 degree Celsius. This particular component will give you more power year after year thereby giving you more value for money.

We are also dealing with specialized inverters with competitive accessibility which is imported from Germany. Efficiency and performance of this inverter proves its best place in the market. Our inverters perform best to the tropical temperatures, and deliver high efficiency. Communication with inverter will become easier with inbuilt RS485 port. These inverters have the best in safety features as well and have a robust long lasting design.

Handling the project, starts with site visit, accurate measurement of the roof and surveying the surrounding area for the shadow clearance. For customer reference, we will provide roof drawings with panel layout. Customer will get the clear view of installation before our installation process starts. Our energetic workers will do the installation in the scheduled date and time with perfection and proper dressing of cables. Since customers’ satisfaction & safety is our main service, we will do proper earthing and lightning arrester installs. Bolts and nuts which we are using are all stainless steel. On the part of service, customer will get detailed service instruction for the panels and inverters.

On concentrating on customer’s requirement, we also provide SOLAR PUMP, SOLAR WATER HEATER and SOLAR STREET LIGHTS with and without BATTERY BACKUP. With the talented designing team, LED can be designed according to the customer’s requirement. Having a best and experienced installation team we are able to install the Solar street lights with proper civil work. Considering the investment of the customers, we are doing all work as packages for the customers.


We are specialised in the below listed products.

Solar Power Plant

Solar Street Lights

Solar Water Heater

Solar Pumps


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